Climate Champion program

We want to enable Australian farmers and natural resource managers to manage the risks and exploit the opportunities that come from our variable and changing climate.

The MCV Climate Champion program aims to help farmers manage climate risk by:

  • giving farmers the best climate tools, products, practices and seasonal outlooks, and an understanding of how they might use that in their farm business
  • giving climate researchers a chance to interact with farmers and get feedback about what regions and industries need from research.

20 farmers from around Australia, representing most major agricultural commodities, are taking part in the program.

They have opportunities to:

  • talk with researchers about the tools and information they need to help them manage climate risk
  • trial early research products and practices, and possibly influence the research
  • influence how research findings are communicated to farmers
  • help farmers in their region and industry learn how to deal with the variable and changing climate.

The program is also supported by our rural research and development partners:

The program has been evaluated independently:

  • for its investment costs and benefits (impact assessment final report [PDF 1736 kb])
  • about what social and economic conditions and processes drive resource managers to make more significant, transformative shifts (CSIRO study summary [PDF 402 kb]).

Find out more about the program and read farmer profiles at our climate risk management portal: MCV Climate Champion program on Climate Kelpie.

The 48-page Climate Champion book [PDF 5.3 MB] describes the program and profiles the farmers participating in March 2012.


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